Guitar hero 4!

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Guitar hero 4!

Post  King of Kings on Thu Apr 24, 2008 11:13 am

Well you can definatily accept this as truth, but as for the set list, most is false Very Happy

Yes Guitar hero 4, will be comming out before Christmas, December 14th. Not only will there be 50 new songs, add on a few extra modes as well! You know how rock band outclassed guitar hero upon its release? well Guitar hero is now not strictily Guitars, they are making their own drum council for the game, also the Mic will have its own part in the game too.

Online multiplayer will now have a " band " mode where you can play the drums/sing/ or just rock out to the insane solos. But heres the thing, Guitar hero is known for its Insane solos and difficulty ( guitar wise ), nothing else really, and rock band is known to have equal difficulty for all its parts in each song. The drums in guitar hero 4 are " predicted " to be pretty easy, but we will just have to wait and see for that one.1

Im not sure what songs are going to be on there, however, I do know Van Halen, might be making a appearence, and on that note... sorry guys I dont know his name... but the lead guitarist from A7X is rumored to have an appearence in the Guitar battle mode. also the song difficulty is going to increase... again!!

Dragonforce is now going to have another one of their songs on the set list, the actual song hasnt been confermed
songs from Seether, Disturbed, and Three days grace may appear in the Bonus songs set list. Metallica will also have some song appearences.

Guitars Guitars! 50 different guitars to choose from! and even more colors to match your guitarists clothing style! A Ninja themed guitar will be avalible upon completing the game, One of the many odd guitars....
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